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It is our immense pleasure to present American Air Filter (AAF), the World’s No. 1 air filtration company. AAF holds a dominant position in various industries for its cleanroom range of products and is recognized globally for its quality, expertise and innovation in air filtration.

With a very humble beginning in 1921, AAF International today stands tall as a world leader in the air filtration industry. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has operations in 23 countries, 6 R&D centers and has 260 sales offices worldwide.

Importance of IAQ & ‘Life with COVID’

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) has always been crucial to the protection of people & process. The past 2 years have seen a peak in awareness about air quality & understanding of pollutants, bacteria/viruses. During this period, AAF has provided customized solutions to combat the global pandemic. AAF has been serving industries and critical segments for over 100 years now and will continue to.

Witnessing the rising importance of IAQ & possessing global quality, expertise and innovation in air filtration, AAF has decided to impart knowledge and build a skilled generation by ‘AAF IAQ Academy’ initiative.

IAQ Certification Module

About this Course

    • This curated course is designed to educate young minds about the importance of maintaining a proper Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and gain basic knowledge on this emerging area.

Key Takeaway

  • Training by industry experts from the World’s no.1 air filtration company with 100 years of expertise & innovation
  • Understanding what really defines IAQ
  • A complete inclusion of all key concepts
  • One-on-one interaction enabling an open discussion
  • Opportunity for a guided air filtration manufacturing factory tour at Bangalore & Noida
  • IAQ certification upon successful completion – Share your course certificates in the certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Program Overview

Cost: FREE | Modules: 3+1 Modules

Module 1 Overview

• Emergence of Air Filtration
• Introduction to Air Filtration & Air Filters
• Understanding Particle Size
• Basic Air Filtration Principles
• Basic Properties of Filter Media
• Types of Air Filter Media
• Air Filtration Standards & Comparison

Module 2 Overview

• What is IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
• Did You Know These IAQ Facts
• Sources of Indoor Pollutants & its Impact on Health
• Commercial Building Guidelines- ISHRAE/ASHRAE, OSHA, NAAQS/EPA(2000),NAFA & WHO
• Air Quality Index MERV Rating w.r.t Particle Filtration
• Overview: Infection Control in Enclosed Spaces
• Importance of IAQ in Various Segments

Module 3 Overview

• Gas-Phase Filtration, Processes & History
• Gaseous Contaminants & Sources
• Gas-Phase Standards
• Who Needs Gas-Phase Control
• AMC (Atmospheric Molecular Contaminant) Overview
• Gas-Phase Filtration for IAQ Application
• Gas-Phase Control Media & Filter Characteristics

Module 4 Overview

• What is High-Purity Filtration?
• History of High-Purity Filtration
• HP Application Segments
• Recommended Filter Efficiency by Application
• International Guidelines for Life Science Industry
• What Is a HEPA Filter?
• HEPA Construction Types, Classification Comparison & Filter Leak Testing

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