Air Filtration Audit

Air pollution is one of the top environmental risks to human health. The World Health Organization estimates about seven million people die each year from the effects of exposure to working at a desk they have to help in reducing these risks.

The level of health and safety risk that businesses face is increasing because of occupational diseases. Of the many hazards that workers face in the workplace, the biggest risks are connected with the indoor environment.

Industrial and commercial air filtration is the key to improving indoor air quality and reducing exposure to airborne microbes and other contaminants. A properly maintained industrial or commercial system can protect employees, prevent costly lawsuits, and improve your organizations bottom-line.

To reduce these risks, companies perform audit air filtration audits. This is done to minimize any adverse health effects on their workers.

Air filtration audit in industrial and commercial buildings is a vital part of the air quality management process. Its importance increases once you begin to introduce pollutants into the environment and it becomes important to monitor their composition.

Improper Air Filtration=Higher Energy Costs

Air filtration and maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels are only a couple of the many different operational functions for which companies are responsible. And due to deferred maintenance, the significant impact of HVAC and filtration related decisions can often be overlooked. But analysis of energy spend can pay off in a significant way for Facility Management teams by indicating the optimal filtration system that will save them both money and time. 

Many Companies Turn to American Air Filter (AAF) Because They are:

Worried that their systems aren’t designed as well as they could be

  • Concerned about compliance risks
  • Frustrated by a lack of education and collaboration from their current suppliers
  • Worried that their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) might be higher than it needs to be and wanted a second opinion
  • Concerned about productivity and absenteeism issues caused by poor IAQ

Have Concerns About Your Facility's Filtration System? Here's Where We Can Start:

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC Systems is the first step that AAF takes, in order to provide you with professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and risk reduction. By conducting this air filtration audit, we are able to understand exactly how you compare to the best practices of companies that are similar to you. We strive to understand your current filtration state and identify how your HVAC systems can optimally perform.

Our mission is to utilize our core skill sets and products to aid you in protecting your environment, reducing your labor investment, and lowering your filtration total cost of ownership. In other words, we invest the time to help your business get better – not just sell you product.

5 Benefits That You Will Get From an Air Filter Audit:

  1. Analysis of your current filter state by a team of industry experts
  2. Professional guidance and analysis to reduce your energy spend, decrease your risk, and save you time
  3. Valuable and detailed benchmark data
  4. Life cycle cost report that will show you where your HVAC systems could be performing even better
  5. A standardized list of filters by air handler unit (AHU) and application

While the value of this audit is worth thousands of rupees, it is currently being offered at no charge and could give you significant benefits by helping you save money, reduce risk, and gain time.

Contact your AAF representative to schedule an audit and to find out how the insights from intelligent data tools, including TCO Diagnostic® and Sensor360®, can improve your operations.