Air Filtration for Microelectronic Cleanroom

With the continuous development of science and technology and increased customer demands the production of electronic products is changing rapidly. Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics that deals with a miniature or micro components to manufacture electronic products such as mobile, TVs, laptops, integrated circuits, flat panel displays, microwave ovens, photovoltaic equipment, IoT devices.

Lithography (wafer cleaning), diffusion process (boron, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony diffusion), metallization, film deposition (chemical vapor deposition), dielectric disposition, thermal oxidation, ion implant, etching (chemical etching), are the few major manufacturing processes involved in microelectronics production.

Ultimately, these contaminants will intrude on the sensitive manufacturing processes and can lead to mild to extreme damage, inventory rejection, etc. Due to the sensitive and corrosive nature of these products, manufacturing facilities for microelectronic applications require a clean environment.

A cleanroom or clean room is an engineered space, which maintains a very low concentration of airborne particulates. It is well isolated, well-controlled from contamination, and actively cleansed.

Creating a pristine cleanroom environment helps to mitigate those failures. A dual-filtration system that employs high-quality prefilters and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters /Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters are recommended for these facilities. Prefilters and secondary filters help eliminate fine airborne particulates, and gas-phase filtration can be added to manage noxious odors that are given off by chemicals.

Microelectronics Cleanroom Filtration Solution

Fan filter units such as AstroFan™ EC Fan Filter Units are ideal for use in various applications requiring controlled clean air, particularly cleanrooms supporting- microelectronic fabrication, semiconductor manufacturing, medical device manufacturing and assembly, and all other controlled and regulated applications.

Optimize Your Filtration and Improve Your Environment

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC Systems is the first step that AAF takes, in order to provide you professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and liability reduction.

By conducting this audit, we strive to understand your current state and your complete air filtration needs, applications, and goals for total air quality. This customized air filtration survey costs you nothing and could give you significant benefits by helping you save money, reduce risk, and save time.

AAF offers VisionAir™ Clean software to help you design your cleanroom and select air filtration configurations that maintain cleanliness levels and optimize energy use. You can even configure multiple rooms and establish the ideal air change rates for your spaces.

Contact your AAF representative to learn more about how VisionAir™ Clean can minimize risk and optimize operational efficiency.

Product & Solutions

Air Filter Audit

Complete Filter Analysis: Air Filtration Audit

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF takes, in order to provide you with HVAC energy analysis for cost savings. In this way, we identify how your filtration system can optimally perform. Contact us to find out more about lowering your HVAC cost.


Total Cost of Ownership Made Clear: TCO Diagnostic®

TCO Diagnostic, which is customized to your HVAC total cost of ownership, provides a clear insight into the optimal filtration options and tailors to your demands for a full clean air solution – enhancing air quality, energy savings, and operational flexibility while lowering your life cycle costs.


Guidance on controlling AMC in microelectronics

Avoid the corruption of your chips and wafers from chemical contaminants. Ensure you properly protect your products.


Easily build clean environments from the ground up

Fresh off the presses, AAF offers architectural & engineering firm personnel a guide to its new VisionAir Clean software.



Ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low resistance ePTFE membrane ULPA filter.

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