PerfectPleat® HC M8


PerfectPleat® HC M8 filter has approximately 25% more media than our standard capacity filter, and is ideal for applications where pleated filters are currently in use and higher performance is desired. It has an initial MERV 8 rating respectively, but the efficiency increases when dust holding begins.

PerfectPleat HC M8 filters have distinctive self-supporting characteristics that allow a pleating pattern, which promotes airflow and maximizes dust holding capacity (DHC). Lower pressure drop and higher DHC translate to reductions in energy consumption and operating costs.

DuraFlex® Media – Patented Media Design:

Uniform-size virgin fibers are assembled in closely controlled blends to create a media that is both self-supporting and consistent in performance. When pleated, DuraFlex media will hold its shape without the wire support characteristic of conventional pleated filters. That means no potential for the formation of rust and safer handling. With the superior resiliency of DuraFlex media and no need for wire support, PerfectPleat HC M8 filters can sustain significant abuse and maintain their shape and pleat spacing. The absence of wire also makes the filter totally incinerable, which can simplify disposal.

Product Overview

  • PerfectPleat® HC M8 is low initial resistance pleated filter.
  • It is classified as MERV 8 filter
  • PerfectPleat® HC M8 is environmentally friendly and fully incinerable
PerfectPleat HC M8

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings

Food & Beverage



Schools and Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Agriculture & Tobacco


Filter Depth22 mm, 44 mm , 95 mm
Media TypeSynthetic
Frame MaterialMoisture Resistant Beverage Board
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Max. Operating Temperature66˚C
CertificationUL 900, ULC-S111
Recomm. Final Resistance250 Pa
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