AAF - Odour Free STP Emission Solution at a Residential Township

LOCATION: Karnataka, India


  • Location:  Karnataka, India 
  • Real estate giant & leading property developer successfully completed numerous projects. 
  • Part of an established group of industries in India. 

Client Requirement
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) released guidelines for the design, location and use of sewage treatment plants (STPs) and made it mandatory for apartments and commercial complexes to install STPs. STP treats the water that goes down drains before releasing it back into the environment. 

Most of the new sewage treatment plants (STP) are built in Building Basement area. The whole facility is enclosed in a single building. When the STPs are built in the basement of the building, as per the rules of pollution control boards (in India), it is compulsory to provide exhaust from the STP room. The exhaust air from this STP generates smell/odour as it contains chlorine used for treatment and H2S, NH3 generated during waste processing, these gases are harmful to human health. To counter these issues builders usually makes a duct to release the gases from the terrace or at the basement level. Either way it leads to occupants’ discomfort and breathing issues.

So, the client had to upgrade their existing STP with efficient gaseous contaminants filtration for its new residential township to ensure safe & healthy outdoor environment of the residents.

The AAF International Solution
Being a dominant leader in filtration industry and having served hundreds of satisfied clients, AAF always has an upper hand when it comes to having information on upcoming & ongoing project in relevant sectors due to its past performance and customer service. AAF representatives reached out to the client’s project manager hence the requirement of the STP upgradation came directly from the client.

AAF representative along with the technical expert visited the township and conducted an audit to have an idea on the current situation on the STP performance.

Odour control is essential where wastewater treatment plants release sulphur compounds, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Based on the survey report and AAF expertise, the representative suggested a 3-pass chemical filtration system – First stage containing – SAAF Carb MA, second stage – SAAF Carb MB and third stage – SAAF Blend GP with MD cassette arrangement to ensure the desired result.

AAF representative proposed customised SAH (Side Access Housing) for 24000 CFM for 2 STPs.

Filter & Equipment’s Recommendations
Proposed media were SAAF Carb MA, SAAF Carb MB and SAAD Blend GP with SAAF MD Cassette arrangement.

This odour control method treats the air to remove odorous gasses. This is done by forcing the odorous air displaced from the wet well across a 3 pass MD cassettes which absorbs, adsorbs & chemisorbs most of the gases which causes health problems & adds pollution to the atmosphere.

Recommended Media


  • Manufactured exclusively for acidic corrosive environments 
  • Targeted contaminant removal capacity for acid gases 
  • Provides extended equipment protection with infrequent media changeovers 
  • Compatible for use in all carbon-based air filtration systems 
  • Low pressure drop and high adsorptive capacity 
SAAF Carbon

SAAFCarb™ MA media is manufactured exclusively for corrosive environments. Targeted impurities include hydrogen sulfate, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The media is composed of carbon, alumina and other binders uniformly impregnated for optimal removal of acid gases. 

The SAAFCarb™ MA removes 99.5% of contaminant gases from carbon-based air filtration systems through adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction. The pellets trap and oxidize the gases, changing them into harmless solids while eliminating desorption. SAAFCarb MA media’s engineering allows the process to be instantaneous, irreversible, and chemically safe.  


  • Provides effective removal of ammonia gas 
  • Effective removal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Low pressure drop 
  • Specifically impregnated media
SAAF Carbon

SAAFCarb™ MB media provides effective removal of ammonia gas. It efficiently removes 99.5% of the contaminant from SAAFCarb™ MB systems. A specifically designed acid impregnant enhances the removal capacity of ammonia to a 7.0% minimum. SAAFCarb™ MB media undergoes several quality control tests before being shipped, including tests for moisture content, bulk density, and carbon tetrachloride absorption. 

The SAAFCarb™ MB media chemisorptive process removes impure gases by adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction. The gas is trapped within the pellet and a chemical reaction changes the gases into harmless solids, thereby mitigating the possibility of desorption. 


  • Targets reactive compounds and volatile organic compounds 
  • Removes toxic and impure gases by physical adsorption 
  • Suitable for use in commercial and industrial applications 
  • Accurate service life testing 

SAAFBlend GP engineered gas removal chemical media is designed to efficiently remove gaseous contaminants from airstreams. 

SAAFBlend GP is produced from an equal volumetric mix of SAAFOxidant™ and SAAFCarb™ media. Manufactured of spherical and porous pellets, SAAFOxidant engineered media is composed of a combination of activated alumina and other binders. Potassium permanganate is impregnated in this media combination to provide optimum adsorption, absorption, and oxidation of various gaseous contaminants. Potassium permanganate is applied uniformly during pellet formation and is distributed throughout the pellet volume. This process provides the maximum amount of impregnant for chemical reaction and optimal performance. SAAFCarb media is manufactured of pelletized activated carbon media that is composed of high-quality virgin substrates, to provide optimum adsorption for various gaseous contaminants. 

SAAF Cassette Medium Duty

  • More energy-efficient than any other competitive cassette 
  • Designed for full media utilization
  • Improves fit and sealing integrity in any cassette holding system
  • Glue-free design eliminates off-gassing, bypass, and leakage
  • Filled cassettes are UL Classified
  • Multiple patents pending 


The optimized apertures of the SAAF-T-screens allow for better energy efficiency through improved aerodynamics and reduced pressure drop. 

High-Performance Media Utilization

The patent-pending enhanced media utilization design eliminates the “nose cavity” typically created by legacy cassettes. Nose cavities “cocoon” up to 30% of the chemical media, keeping it isolated from airflow always contact during the life of the cassette. SAAF Cassettes are the only cassettes that utilize 92% of all chemical media in the cassette – outperforming legacy cassettes by 25%. 

Robust Design

Patent-pending design provides a high-pressure, no-glue snap assembly. This rigid construction excludes harmful glues, solvents, or MEK’s from the manufacturing process, allowing for better structural integrity and eliminating gas by-pass problems.

Excellent Sealing 

The design of the SAAF-T-Butterfly Seal and SAAF-T-Groove provide near absolute sealing by using a compression fit to eliminate by-pass. Patent-pending plastic rivets secure the solid fill caps at multiple points, protecting against bursts or leaks in normal usage. Older legacy cassettes use stickers, labels, or low friction end caps that have high instances of failure and chemical media spillage. Smooth mating end panels with no penetrations or outward-turned flanges allow excellent cassette-to-cassette sealing.


The suggested solution has been successfully executed at the client’s premises and & solution provided is ensuring no odour gets emitted to the township through the STP. Clients are satisfied with the structured approach AAF takes towards any filtration solution. Because of the successful execution, clients have also trusted AAF with the upcoming phases in the residential township which are under construction currently.